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Monday, November 25, 2013

Make Money Online - Amazon Tips

Greeting fellow marketers,

Here is a simple tip I get from my friend and I want to share this to help you make massive heaps on amazon, tested and proven 100% obtainable. This takes no investment to start.

Easy Amazon Tips for You

How to make over $10,000 monthly selling on amazon/dropshipping without any investment

You can apply this to any product.

1. Find an category you want to sell in and start making a note of how much items are selling for, example, if Dark Knight Dvds are selling of an average price of $15. Go to sites such as bestbuy, borders etc and see how much they would be there.

2. You can list an unlimited amount with no upfront fees on amazon, goodbye FeeBay. I would suggest getting a pro account for $40 a month so you can lower your selling fees.

3. You don't have to be the lowest price, I've sold thousand of products on their, I've had over 200,000 products listed before, maybe 100 of them were the lowest price. I've sold tons of products that were on the 3rd and forth page.

4. At first I didn't want to sell on amazon because I went and looked at the lowest price like dang...there's no way I can even come close to that price, I just listed some items to see, a few day later they sold. Don't be intimidated by the low price bandits.

5. Amazon's super fast loading system. All you need on amazon is the products upc code. It already has the pic description etc. You can mass upload upc codes at one time. I've done 50k uploads at once long do you think it would take to get that many products onto Feebay???

6. Dropship from any retailer. So once you get the price from the retailer, again just make sure you'lll be profitable after fees. You can use an amazon calculator to find out your costs, google it.

7. Request payment daily. If you dont' have money to cover the cost of your orders no problem. You can request a cash request straight to your bank account daily from amazon. Usually takes 3-4 days. After you get this money, go online and order your customers product from the lowest priced retailer.

8. Remember to request when you order from your online retail store, that the price not be seen when you ship it.

9. Sell items over retail and still make money. You know I seen a seller on amazon that was selling all of his books/cds over retail. I was like this guy can't be making money. Then I looked at his volume of products vs how many sales he was making. Sure enough he was. He was almost always the last guy on the last page. But people were buying!! I think he was selling maybe .5% of his inventory monthly. So lets say he has 100,000 products listed, thats 500 sales monthly. Selling at or over retail and buying cheaper online dropshipping he would have an average profit of $5-10. So he was making anywhere from 2500-5k monthly selling at retail.

This simple method works and it takes $0 to start up. It's unlimited on how much you can make. There are some sellers on amazon making millions a month. It can and is being done all of the time.

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