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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 Simple Step To Make Some Extra Cash

3 Simple Step To Make Some Extra Cash
Step 1:
You need to sign up for an affiliate network and I want to recommend
Cash Network
They always pay on time on every Friday. They have never miss payment since I started using them.
Sign  up with
Cash Network
and say in comment  Arni Bergsson sent me, and your account will be
active with in 24 hours.

Step 2:
When you have opened an active account with Cash Network, log in and go to campaigns,
click Bizop CPL and find one that is paying $1.25 or more, then hit the offer and click
Links + Creatives and there hit Links, copy the link and go to
to shorten the link and for tracking (you can see the clicks the link is getting). Use that link for your affiliate link.

Step 3:
Now you need some traffic and to get that easy is with Soloads, and I recommend
you can both get Instant Solo or plan to get a quality solo on a later date. Go to
and create an account with them, I recommend that you upgrade the account. It is only $30/m but you will use them
ALOT 100%, so you want to have all the options open when you use them! Plus some solo sellers
don‘t sell to guest account members.

When you have an active account with
you need to make a swipe,
in some of the offers in Cash Network have ready-made swipe‘s,

But you can also make one your self like this,
Swipe sample:
EASY $500/Day with NO Selling
Put your wallet AWAY because this is
100% FREE to join...!
Click  Here:
(your link here)
This is a legitimate work  from home position that
pays you daily and costs NOTHING to start...
Click  Here NOW:
(your link here)
Best regards,
After this go to the chat and check if anyone is selling solo‘s there under 0.35 per click don‘ t go over
that price if you want to make money from you offer, you can also go to search and look for sellers
with under 0.35 and plan some bookings.

After you book some solo‘s you watch Cash Network when the clicks start coming and check how the
income is.You might need to change the offer but that is not a problem you just go to put in the new one, so the traffic from Safe-Swaps is going to the new offer.
Well thats all folks I hope you like it and make some good money from this (I have)

With thanks,
Arni Bergsson

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